How could proposed SRA changes affect your firm? An opinion piece.

Will the SRA’s proposed changes to ease the burden and cost of regulation on firms achieve their aim? Andrew Hopper QC, a solicitor specialising in the regulation of the solicitors’ profession, warns that the changes could have unpredictable but potentially damaging consequences in terms of the professional indemnity insurance (PII) market. This article was first published on Lexis®Library on 6 ... Read more

Evolution of Independent Law: Taking This Show On The Road

One of the challenges of my role, is balancing my own bid for stardom with waxing lyrical about the great changes happening in the independent legal world. Hopefully you’ve already seen our Bellwether Report 2014: Brave New World – an in-depth analysis of the evolution of the sector for smaller firms and sole practitioners. I’m delighted to announce that I’m speaking at a number of conferences ... Read more

Video: the Evolution of Independent Law

The independent legal landscape is changing. Where do you stand? It's a brave new world for independent lawyers, smaller firms and sole practitioners. We’ve spoken with 170 of you to find out your concerns and aspirations, to create the Bellwether report 2014: Brave New World. So how are you feeling about the future of your business? What are your major challenges? Where are savvy independent ... Read more

Networking Success: 3 Steps to Convey What You Do in a Compelling Way

Client Attraction Series: Get New Clients Without Being Pushy! Part Two  Guest post by Nicol Garwood In my last article on profiling and understanding your ideal client I shared five simple steps that will clarify exactly WHO you want to attract into your business and why. It was also pointed out that networking does work but requires a shift in mind-set to understand HOW it can work for ... Read more

Identified: a New Breed of Independent Legal Entrepreneur

You may have already seen part 1 of this year’s Bellwether Report 2014: Brave New World, our annual research into the trending successes and concerns of independent lawyers, smaller firms and sole practitioners across the UK. Part 2 launches today, with some truly encouraging findings. It's already been noticed by Legal Futures and the Law Society Gazette. We’ve identified an emerging group of ... Read more

Join our Independent Legal Research Panel

You are invited to join our exclusive research panel for independent lawyers, smaller firms and sole practitioners. We want to better understand the way that you work; how you respond to the unique challenges of running a successful independent practice, balancing both the business and practice of law. As a panel member you’ll act as a key adviser and be at the heart of our commitment to ... Read more

Client Attraction: Get New Clients Without Being Pushy!

Client Attraction Series: Part One Guest post by Nicol Garwood It still surprises me, even in this day and age, how many lawyers still need convincing that networking works. “Yeah, networking doesn’t work for me. I don’t like it” or “I know I should be networking more but I don’t have the time” and other such comments. The fact is networking will generate revenue and save costs. The biggest ... Read more

The Top 3 Challenges Facing Independent Lawyers Today

It's a tough old world out there for independent lawyers, smaller firms and sole practitioners, as our latest research demonstrates. Part one of The Bellwether Report 2014: Brave New World, has revealed the three biggest challenges facing tenacious independent lawyers as attracting new business, keeping up to date with compliance, and obtaining professional indemnity insurance. Phew! Check it all ... Read more

The unknown threat of consumer credit upheaval – 3 steps to ensure you don't get caught out

As an independent lawyer you’re already used to a sometimes, frankly, baffling heap of regulation. And there’s a new complication looming on the horizon in the shape of consumer credit that might just catch you out. Its reach might surprise you. Sweeping changes to the consumer credit regime come into force on April Fool’s Day. By all accounts, they aren’t aimed at law firms but only a fool would ... Read more

It’s a Brave New World for Independent Lawyers. Are you the 1 in 4?

Lawyers like you are emerging from the challenging economic climate business-savvy, resilient and fiercely independent - with 1 in 4 feeling more confident about the future of their practice than ever before. That’s what our research is telling us. Last year we released our first Bellwether Report: Survive or Thrive? – a temperature check on the changing legal landscape (more on this here). This ... Read more