Download The Bellwether Report 2015: The Age of the Client

The Bellwether Report 2015: the Age of the Client

The balance of power in the client/lawyer relationship is shifting: we explore how independent law firms and sole practitioners are responding to a new breed of client.

A new type of client – more informed, more demanding and more price-sensitive than ever – is challenging traditional working practices and forcing lawyers to adopt a smarter approach, not just to client service, but to every aspect of the business.

Based on interviews with 118 independent lawyers and more than 500 private clients, this year’s LexisNexis Bellwether Report reveals how independent lawyers, small to midsize firms and sole practitioners are handling the new demands of the Age of the Client. We look at the forces that are transforming the traditional client/lawyer relationship, explore how firms can meet new expectations, and ask what the profession’s entrepreneurs can teach us about succeeding in this new environment.

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